I graduated from Musashino Art University in 2004.  I split my time between New York and Tokyo for several years.  I have had multiple viewings and showings in Japan as well as abroad.

In 2011, I was hosted by Hellion Gallery in the U.S. for a solo show.  I have also been part of numerous art shows across the globe, from Beijing to Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore, and in the US and Europe. 

I have a client list that reaches around the world, with clients in Asia, Europe and America. 

I have also had a regular presence at art shows in the United States, including Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery, Hive Gallery, and Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.

My art has been used by many famous authors for their book covers. I have also contributed to movies and television shows, like Midnight Swan.

In 2019, I appeared in television and Youtube shows recognizing my art, such as BS Fuji  Television.

I have been blessed enough to sell out of all of my main works for many shows and exhibitions, and come close to complete sales in other shows.  This achievement has been highlighted by art magazines and articles frequently over the years.

I am a married mother of two, living and working in Tokyo. I love my life, and the duality of being a professional woman and a mother gives me a unique perspective on many things.  My personal experiences have heavily influenced my artistic process and is reflected in what I create.

Ai Ohkawara was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979. She studied at Musashino Art University  in Tokyo. She received her Bachelors Degree in Japanese Art in 2002 and her Masters Degree in Japanese Art in 2004. 

She currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. Since her first solo exhibition in Ginza in 2003, she has been featured in numerous art magazines, TV shows, movies, and various other formats. Since 2003, she has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions across Japan. 

Beginning in 2007, she expanded her artistic reach to multiple international avenues, including Taiwan, China, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East and Europe. 


She has an international following, having sold her work across Europe, Asia, and North America. Her art is regularly part of various exhibitions throughout Japan.