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Appeared in an infomercial for the Japanese IVR Society on myoma treatments.

Collaboration T-shirt  2021

Ai Ohkawara's work in the Japanese Movie 「Midnight swan」

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"Midnight swan" won the best movie award at the 44th Japanese academy film prize in 2021.

Ai Ohkawara's work were used on Book cover "Sunset" by Kirino natsuo

 You can see Ai Ohkawara's work in TV Drama " Daughter of Lupin" Part 2.

Ai Ohkawara’s art was displayed as part of Hana’s stolen art collection.  Ai’s work is also used in the feature film Daughter of Lupin.

appeared in BS Fuji TV, 2019

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Magazine "Art Collector's" featured Ai Ohkawara work in their July 2019, edition. 

Book cover

In 2020, Akutagawa award winning novelist “Noboru Tsujihara” used her work on his novel “卍どもえ (Manji domoe)”.

Art magazine "onbeat" , 2019

In 2019, Art magazine "Onbeat" recognized Ai Ohkawara as an emerging artist worthy of attention.

In 2019, art magazine "ExtraArt" did an extended 6 page spread featuring Ai's work. 



"Art Collector's" magazine featured Ai Ohkawara work in their July 2019 edition. 

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The art site "Koreyan" interviewed and featured Ai Ohkawara in 2019. You can see the interview and available art work at this link.


Netflix drama "Emperor of porn"


In 2019, Ai Ohkawara's art was used in the Netflix show " Emperor of Porn" as the main character's art creations. In addition, Ai also provided training to the main female character for replication in the show. 





used in TVCM

Ai Ohkawara’s art was used in TVCM. Ai’s artwork was selected for use in Dr. Dre’s BEATS commercial.


In addition to being a private artist, Ai Ohkawara also teaches nude sketching. The following bilingual website may be helpful to those interested in nude sketching. 

Collaboration works

Book cover

In addition to independent art, Ai Ohkawara also provides illustrations for novels. In 2016, Akutagawa award winning novelist “Maki Kashimada” used my piece “Between mirrors” on her novel “少年聖女 (Shyounen seizyo)”.


In 2013, Ai Ohkawara's piece was used by Akutagawa award winning author “Yo Henmi ” for his novel “死と滅亡のパンセ (Shi to metsubou no panse)”.

Collaboration  with company

Ai Ohkawara collaborates with commercial jewelers and designers from Takashimaya.

Ai Ohkawara collaborates with department stores on their logos as well as working with specific departments on accessory designs.


Ai Ohkawara's work is also used by major retailers, such as Takashimaya, for seasonal displays.



Mz Urban Art            New York 


Several Ai Ohkawara's pieces are currently displayed in the “Arbace”, a Michelin awarded french restaurant in Ginza.



Ai Ohkawara's art has been used by European interior design firms.


Ai Ohkawara's art was also selected to be included in the international art book, “ the Tall Trees of Tokyo“.