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ART magazine "Art collector's" Feb, 2024

Ohkawara was featured in the February issue of "Art Collectors" magazine "Featured on Sold Out Artists 2024".

art Magazine "ART COLLECTOR'S" July, 2023


Ohkawara's work "Listening to the Inner Forest 2" was featured in "This is What the Editors Wanted!" on the art magazine "Art Collector's".

The article introduces only the works that the " Art Collector's" editorial staff actually visited, saw, and wanted. It is on page 123.

art magazine "art collector's"  Feb, 2020

Ohkawara was featured in the February issue of "Art Collectors" magazine " Featured Sold Out Artists All Data 2020".

art Magazine "ONBEAT" vol.11, 2019

Ohkawara was featured in the article "ONBEAT Recommends Notable Artists".

art magazine " Extrart" June, 2019

Ohkawara was featured in 6 pages of ExtrART magazine. Page


Art Magazine "Art Collector's" featured Ai Ohkawara work in their July 2019, edition. 

Ohkawara was featured in the nude issue of Art Collectors magazine in July 2019. She was also featured in October 2019.



Ohkawara was interviewed by Kouyukai with Musashino Art University.

Musashino art university Brochure 2022

Ohkawara was featured in "What are you doing after graduation?" published by Kouyukai with Musashino Art University in 2022.

Magazine「Books」May, 2021

In May 2021, Ohkawara contributed the essay "Between the Clouds and the Sky" to the front page of the May issue of "Books" published by Iwanami Shoten Publishing Co.

Having been chosen to provide the cover art for Natsuo Kirino's much talked-about work "Sunset," she wrote about the background of the creation of the painting chosen as the cover art.

Art magazine ONBEAT   vol.14, 2021

Ohkawara was featured in the Spring 2021 issue of ONBEAT's recommended young artists. Her works are available in the magazine and on the ONBEAT website.

Art Magazine "Art colletor's "  October, 2020

Eastern European Magazine

An overseas interior coordinator purchased Ohkawara's works, and three of them are permanently displayed in the interior space of a fashionable European apartment building and published in the Russian interior magazine "MEZININ. The painting on the red background in the upper right is by Ohkawara.

American art Book

"The Tall Trees of Tokyo" is an American book that contains the works of Japanese artists who are hand picked by the authors of this book. 

Art magazine 「Window of art」2009

art magazine "Monthly gallery" feb 2012

art magazine in 2007, 2008

Ai Ohkawara was featured in the Musashi Art University guide in 2007. Ai Ohkawara was featured in the magazine Art Collector's feature "Best 50 Young Artists" in 2008.