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Ai Ohkawara's works aired on famous Japanese movies, TV and NETFLIX dramas.

MBS Drama「iNu & Kuzu」in july, 2023


Many of Ohkawara's works will appear in episode 7 of the drama "Dogs and Rubbish "

All of the paintings that appear in the solo exhibition scene and the art studio scene were painted by Ohkawara. The portraits that appear in the play were also painted by Ohkawara. 

netflix Drama

Ohkawara's artwork appears in the room of the cosplay designer Claire in the NETFLIX drama  "The Mitarai Family, On Fire," which was released in July 2023.

The art on both sides of the air conditioner in each room and the black oval framed work in the upper left corner of the second photo are Ohkawara's works.

↓ This art is below.  If you are interested in purchasing one or more, please feel free to contact us.

Fuji TV Drama「Barakamon」in july 2023

Ohkawara's work appears in the Fuji Television drama "Barakamon," which began airing on July 10, 2023. The two paintings on the small easels on the second shelf from the top of the bookshelf in the second photo and the oil painting of the horse behind the gold folding screen in the third photo are by Ohkawara. They are currently on air, so please look for them.  https://www.fujitv.co.jp/barakamon/

NETFLIX Drama「Emperor of Porn」season 1


In 2019, Ohkawara's art was used in the Netflix show "Emperor of Porn" as the main character's art creations. In addition, Ohkawara also provided training to the main female character for replication in the show. 



In episode 3 of season 1, at about the 27th minute and 30 seconds mark, there is a scene where the lead actress, Misato Morita, does a male nude sketch, and it is Ohkawara who drew the sketch for that scene.

The sketches in this scene and the sketchbook drawing in the scene where the main character's mother (Koyuki) tears up her daughter's work were also all made by Ohkawara.

Ohkawara was also present during the filming, and at the request of the director, she added additional sketches and gave actress Misato Morita guidance on how to act like she was drawing for the scene. The painting on the wall of the main character's room, which appears at around 7 minutes and 42 seconds into episode 5, is also by Ohkawara.

Movie "Midnight swan"

"Midnight Swan" won the best movie award at the 44th Japanese academy film prize in 2021.

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Movie " Daughter of Rupin"

Ohkawara’s art was displayed as part of Hana’s stolen art collection.  Ohkawara’s work is also used in the feature film Daughter of Lupin.

October 2021.

Fuji TV Drama  "THE DAUGHTER OF RUPiN"  Season 2

Fall in 2020

stage Poster

Okawara's artwork was used for the playbill. This play will be performed in September 2023.


Taigen Teikoku