-  Book Covers & Brand Collaborations -

Ohkawara has collaborated with numerous fashion brands and book publishers.

Ai Ohkawara's work were used on book cover "Sunset" by Kirino Natsuo in 2020. 

Ai Ohkawara's work were used on book cover "Manji-domoe" by Noboru Tsujihara in 2020.

In January 2020, Akutagawa award winning novelist “Noboru Tsujihara” used her work on his novel “卍どもえ (Manji domoe)”.

The ad also appeared in the morning edition of a newspaper on January 10. The binding design is by the famous book designer Seiichi Suzuki. The book is published by Chuokoron Shinsha.

Ai Ohkawara's work were used on book cover "Syo-nen Seisyo" by Maki Kashimada in 2016

and "Shi to Metsubou no panse" by Yo Henmi in 2013

In addition to independent art, Ai Ohkawara also provides illustrations for novels. In 2016, Akutagawa award winning novelist “Maki Kashimada” used my piece “Between mirrors” on her novel “少年聖女 (Shyounen seizyo)”.


In 2013, Ai Ohkawara's piece was used by Akutagawa award winning author “Yo Henmi ” for his novel “死と滅亡のパンセ (Shi to metsubou no panse)”.

Collaboration with Male Fashion Brand "rehacer".

The online fashion shop Zozotown has been selling clothing featuring Ai Ohkawara's work from 2018 to 2022. 

Collaboration with Takashimaya Department Store in 2010.

A giant, Christmas-themed poster commissioned by the Shinjuku Takashimaya Department Store was displayed on the second floor terrace on the of the Shinjuku Takashimaya Department Store.

Collaboration on Takashimaya Accessories with Takashimaya Department Store. 

Ohkawara collaborated with Takashimaya Department Store to create custom Takashimaya accessories and goods. 

Ohkawara created this special bag using the Takashimaya brand logo.

Collaboration with Jewelry Brand "Misty"

Ohkawara collaborated with jewelers and designers at the request of Takashimaya for limited release collection.

Curator's private collection


A private collector displays one of Ohkawara's pieces at his home.


You can also experience Ohkawara's artwork while dining at Arbace french restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.


Four pieces are on permanent exhibition at Arbace.


Address:3F, Ginza Hosono Building, 6-7-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan

Access:Tokyo Metro, Ginza line,  Ginza station, Exit B3, 3 min on foot. 



The following galleries are in possession of Ohkawara art.

implexus art gallery Morioka, Japan

The following galleries are authorized dealers of Ohkawara art.
Takashimaya Shinjyuku Art Gallery  Tokyo, Japan

Mz Urban Art     New York