- Statement -

My art reveals the inner darkness and anxiety of human beings by stimulating our visual sense through various means of media and expression.

Does what we perceive as factual and real truly exist? How much do our views of what defines justice and injustice contrast from those with different perspectives? By implementing lights using optical films onto objects such as antique photograph frames and collages, my art illuminates a variety of views. Such pieces of work provoke the viewer’s recollection and deep psyche, implying our biased perception toward what we see on a daily basis. Through oil paintings and collage I place a layer of acrylic resin over the work to create a sense of double layer, further stimulating the visual senses.

In my childhood, my parents tried to teach me the importance of peace by showing me the pictures of victims and devastating scenes of war. Perhaps it was through this exposure that I started to examine the human condition and I was driven to explore the darker side of being human and the sense of suffocation that stems from the oppression in our society.

I believe that obtaining a multifaceted view is key to solving bias perceptions. Through my art, I strive to expose the struggle that others fight as they try to break free of the constraints placed on them by society; the risk of having a singular perspective; and the internal struggle of life.